The key to a solid, competitive and reliable transit network is frequency, accessibility and affordability. These are the three advocacy priorities of Functional Transit Winnipeg.

Frequency – shorter waits at bus stops

High frequency service means buses arrive at stops more often leading to shorter waits at every point on your transit trip, including transfer points. Frequent service makes spontaneous trips on transit easier.

Research shows that higher frequency service has the largest impact on ridership. For this reason cities in North America are increasingly turning to creating high frequency routes within their transit networks.

Accessibility – near homes and amenities

To be useful, transit must make it easy for riders to access bus routes from their homes and provide convenient service to the destination riders want to go. To be accessible, sidewalks to bus stops and stations must be high priority for snow clearing.

Affordability – Competitively priced

In order for transit to compete with other modes of transportation, it must be appropriately priced for the level of service it provides.