While the province has initiated the current Winnipeg Transit funding crisis, the city has been neglecting our transit service for over a decade.  They need to hear a strong, clear message from citizens across the board: that city council must preserve existing funding levels for transit service, not raise fares, and increase overall investment in service.

City councillors have already received hundreds of emails via our website to this effect (email them here to keep it up!) — but taking the time to call them sends a much stronger message.

Phone your councillor (and Mayor Bowman) to let them know transit is a priority to you as a voter and that the service cuts and nearly 10% fare increase are unacceptable.

Don’t know who your councillor is? find out here

Here is a page of complete contact info for each councillor, and phone numbers below:

Council Member Ward Telephone Number
Mayor Brian Bowman Mayor 204-986-5665
Councillor Matt Allard St. Boniface 204-396-4636
Councillor Jeff Browaty North Kildonan 204-986-5196
Councillor Shawn Dobson St. Charles 204-986-5920
Councillor Ross Eadie Mynarski 204-986-5188
Councillor Jenny Gerbasi Fort Rouge –
East Fort Garry
Councillor Scott Gillingham St. James –
Brooklands –
Councillor Cindy Gilroy Daniel McIntyre 204-986-5951
Councillor Janice Lukes South Winnipeg –
St. Norbert
Councillor Brian Mayes St. Vital 204-986-5088
Councillor Marty Morantz Charleswood – Tuxedo –
Whyte Ridge
Councillor John Orlikow River Heights –
Fort Garry
Councillor Mike Pagtakhan Point Douglas 204-986-8401
Councillor Jason Schreyer Elmwood –
East Kildonan
Councillor Devi Sharma Old Kildonan 204-986-5264
Councillor Russ Wyatt Transcona 204-986-8087

Part of the problem is coming from provincial funding cuts. You can email your MLA here, and find a list of their phone numbers here.