Functional Transit Winnipeg Incorporated is a registered non-profit. Guests are welcome at our biweekly meetings. If you would like to attend a meeting and find out a little more about FTW, check the calendar for the next meeting date and email for details on meeting location.

Our Mission:

To advocate for a viable public transit system that is frequent, accessible and affordable. A viable transit system is one that is competitive with other modes of transportation in terms of overall trip times and accesses diverse destinations.

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  • Voting rights at Functional Transit Winnipeg meetings of members – you get to have a say in our organization.
  • Access to a diverse network of other transit oriented community members.
  • In order to help fund our activities such as website maintenance and printed materials, we ask for a $10 annual donation from members. This is a voluntary donation and individuals are welcome to join without a donation.


  • You agree with the principles of Functional Transit Winnipeg and give your support to our mission. Our supporters strengthen our voice when we advocate for transit improvement.

Both members and supporters will get regular updates about what Functional Transit has been working on.

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