Photographer: AJ Batac (flickr)
Photographer: AJ Batac (flickr)

Functional Transit Winnipeg was excited to have been an important part of this election process.

Public transit showed up as a major issue throughout the election and we were glad to have introduced an important and neglected transit issue to the discourse: service frequency.

Having been at most of the mayoral forums and many of the council candidate forums, it was clear that everyone who ran in this election cared a great deal about making this city a better place.

Congratulations to Brian Bowman and all the candidates who won City Council seats. Amazingly, half the seats are now occupied by new councilors. This is an exciting time for the City of Winnipeg.

We are also excited to see that the mayoral candidate who promised the most spending on public transit won the election.

We believe that it is critically important to invest in public transit frequency and that should the City choose to pursue the completion of all Rapid Transit corridors, the only way to make them functional is if the feeder routes service is frequent and comprehensive.

Tomorrow the new mayor and council will be sworn in. We look forward to being part of the process of public transit improvement in Winnipeg in the coming years..

Going forward after an exciting election