This email was sent to all City of Winnipeg Councillors and Mayor Bowman on August 8, 2017

We are writing to give our feedback on the most important considerations for the Eastern Corridor.

Functional Transit Winnipeg is a volunteer citizens organization that has been providing important feedback and informational resources to transit development discussions in Winnipeg since our inception in 2014.

We have been pleased to be invited to participate in early consultation efforts regarding the new Eastern Corridor.  We have developed a position related to corridors that is supportive of them in principle, but which anticipates that corridors will be linked to existing amenities and systems in such a way that they enhance the overall usability for riders.

To this end, for Functional Transit Winnipeg to consider supporting additional rapid transit corridors the following conditions need to be met:

  1. Expected level of service (including bus headways during rush hour, daytimes, evenings and weekends) must be communicated in the initial and all subsequent planning reports.
  2. Corridor plans must prioritize integration into existing residential and commercial neighbourhoods.
  3. Where the city expects Transit Oriented Development (TOD) to occur, the city must negotiate with existing landowners and place caveats on these development tracts that require TOD to meet the City of Winnipeg’s definition of TOD.

The following is an excerpt from that definition: ”Moderate to higher density compact mixed-use development, located within an easy five to ten minute (approximately 400m to 800m) walk of a major transit stop. TOD involves high quality urban development with a mix of residential, employment and shopping opportunities, designed in a pedestrian oriented manner without excluding the automobile. TOD can be new construction or redevelopment of one or more buildings whose design and orientation facilitate the use of convenient and sustainable modes of transportation, including public transit and Active Transportation.”

Source: Winnipeg, City of. Winnipeg Transit-Oriented Development Handbook, prepared by the City of Winnipeg and PB’s PlaceMaking Group, Winnipeg, MB, 2011

We are very interested in being a part of the discussion regarding the choice of route and facilities along the chosen route.  We remain interested in meeting with you and providing our informed feedback to aid you in making the best decision for Winnipeggers.

We have provided the report we wrote in 2015, which included a critique of the Southwest Corridor.  While we are no longer focussing on that corridor, because it is already under construction, the points we raised remain relevant to all corridors, if they are to be effective.

You can reach us by phone at 204-232-2023 or by email at

Thank you for your service to the City and your interest in providing frequent, accessible and affordable transit services for all, particularly in these challenging fiscal times.

Email to Mayor and Council – Eastern Corridor