What is Functional Transit Winnipeg?


Functional Transit Winnipeg is a grassroots non-profit made up  of Winnipeggers who volunteer their time to research and advocate for improvements to public transit in our city.

Our mission is to advocate for a viable public transit system that is frequent, accessible and affordable. A viable transit system is one that is competitive with other modes of transportation in terms of overall trip times and accesses diverse destinations.

Functional Transit originally formed to challenge the City of Winnipeg’s decision to build the “dog-leg” configuration for Southwest Transitway. We argued that the route was impractical for transit riders and had very little value per dollar spent. We promoted investing in frequency on existing routes as an effective alternative way of improving transit.

Our ongoing goal is to push the city to invest in higher frequency transit service and to ensure that when transit corridors are built, they are accessible and provide high value for transit riders per dollar spent.

We welcome participation from anyone. We believe that we can effect positive change in this city and your support is greatly appreciated.

How you can get involved

The most important thing you can do is call your councillor and tell them you want a frequent, accesssible and affordable transit network.

Here are some ways you can get involved with Functional Transit:

Functional Transit Board of Directors

Joseph Kornelsen (Chair)

Joe has lived in Winnipeg all his life and really wants to see his city become the best damn city around. He travels using all modes of transportation, but bus is his favourite for core-area trips.


Zanna Joyce (Vice-chair)

Zanna Joyce has a long history of involvement in community issues, beginning with lobbying for an accessible transit system in Brandon Manitoba as a child. Since then, she has been president of two downtown neighbourhood associations as well as an executive role in student government. She has her BA in Justice and Law Enforcement, with additional coursework in city planning and project management. She rides the bus in Wolseley, having chosen transit over a car 4 years ago.

Derek Koop (Treasurer)

Derek grew up in the south end of Winnipeg, but has been a resident of the Fort Rouge community for the past 4 years. He has traveled throughout this great city by foot, bike, bus and car experiencing ups and downs along the way. He strongly believes that public transportation is a key element to building a sustainable future.


Carly McNeill (Secretary)

Born and raised in St. Boniface, Carly has taken transit for more than half her lifetime. Having fled the nest quite some time ago, she is now spoiled by the convenience of living in central Winnipeg. She believes that by increasing the number of buses on the roads, along with the creation and expansion of transit routes, Winnipeg Transit could be much more functional in all areas of the city.

Joseph Resendes

Joseph is no stranger to the transportation industry having spent the early part of his career with Motor Coach Industries in progressively responsible positions over 12 years. Joseph  is a graduate of the University of Manitoba in Human Resources Management and has an additional 10+ years of Human Resources and Management experience across various industries.
A lifelong Winnipeg resident, Joseph is a daily transit user who has experienced other transit systems in his travels across North America. Joseph looks forward to joining the Functional Transit Winnipeg team of citizens in advocating for a more frequent, accessible and affordable transit system.

Sandy Klowak

Sandy Klowak has been using Winnipeg Transit as her main means of getting around for over a decade, with no plans to stop any time soon. She holds a special place in her heart for the bus transit experience and would like to thank all bus drivers for being so awesome. Her favourite bus pass-times include people watching, reading and sleeping.